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Pilgrims of the Goblin Road (PDF Only)

Pilgrims of the Goblin Road (PDF Only)

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All Roads Lead To Carnage

A treasure-laden caravan of pilgrims braves haunted hill forests, only to be assaulted by fanatic goblins and threats from within, possibly even the player characters themselves! Competing agendas among the characters twine with the secret missions of raiders and innocent travelers, whose stories are steadily unveiled as the path becomes ever more perilous. Our adventurers strive to save what lives and loot they can, while battling their way to safety through puzzling traps, cunning foes, and a horde of undead.

Inspired by The Canterbury Tales, a medieval epic that entwined stories from many social strata, Pilgrims of the Goblin Road thrusts backstory to the foreground of action, with player motivations weaving a unique web of mystery and conflict that means it’s never the same adventure twice. Supported by a cast of commoners whose stories and lives are in the characters’ hands, drama builds until exploding in an unforgettable final conflict. Along this haunted road through fey country, morals are explored, tactics challenged and secrets revealed in this unique journey.

A Level 1 adventure compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics, Pilgrims of the Goblin Road pulls at heartstrings, puzzles minds and captures the imagination. Its traditional themes and motifs continue to immerse players in a classic setting, continuing the 0-4 Level Adventure Path, A Tale of Two Sisters.

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