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Witch Pleas Publishing

Donation to Witch Pleas

Donation to Witch Pleas

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Thank you for considering a donation. Please enter your donation amount manually above.

This donation goes toward raising a total of $6,850, applied to meet the following milestones in the first quarter of the year.  

1. By February 22nd, we need $1,500 to pay a mainstay of the gaming industry, artist Will McAusland, to begin his work on our 80-page promotional piece, Descent of the Ancient Fane, which Goodman Games has agreed to send to 400 stores across the U.S. as part of a massive promotion, "Dungeon Crawl Classics Day."

2. By March 1, we need $750 to print and ship 400 units of Champions of the Goblin Market to Goodman, who will pay us$1,440, which will fund the printing and marketing of more books through our publishing company, Witch Pleas Publishing.

3. By March 22, we need an additional $1,500 to pay Will McAusland for his finished work, which we then will integrate into the completed Descent of the Ancient Fane.

4. By March 30, I need $3,100 for printing and shipping of Descent of the Ancient Fane. I'll include a coupon in each volume encouraging the reader to visit our website and purchase our other books directly.

The process described above will position us to make enough profit that by Q3, we will be a self-sustaining publisher, capable of creating, printing and shipping books for large purchase orders. Witch Pleas Publishing will have become a profitable business and, hopefully, a recognized name in the gaming industry, known for raising gamers' awareness of great literature and true folklore.

Thank you for any support. Again, please enter your donation amount above.

Disclaimer: Witch Pleas Publishing is not a tax-exempt organization. Contributions made to our fundraiser aren't deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.

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