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Champions of the Goblin Market (PDF Only)

Champions of the Goblin Market (PDF Only)

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A Midsummer Festival turns dark as a girl is stolen by goblins and her sister goes to save her, leading the party to the sinister solstice celebrations at the Goblin Market. Our adventurers must overcome treacherous adversaries, battle memorable monsters and conquer moral dilemmas as a quest for salvation becomes a fight to survive!

Inspired by folk hero tradition, Champions of the Goblin Market uses ethical entanglements to assist beginners in discovering their characters while shattering veteran players' stereotypes with a cunning, nuanced depiction of goblin culture and tactics.

A 0-level funnel adventure compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics, Champions of the Goblin Market challenges morality and assumptions, making it ideal for new and long-time players alike. Its traditionally inspired tale is a perfect kickoff for characters in a classic setting and is the opening episode for the 0-4 Level Adventure Path, A Tale of Two Sisters.

"Champions of the Goblin Market reads really well. It's the kind of adventure I would like to play through. Good stuff indeed. And the writing is good - so many folks can write a great encounter, but only a so-so sentence. This is aces." -Brendan J. LaSalle, XCrawl Creator & Goodman Games writer par excellence

This product is the PDF only. It is a digital copy that delivers immediately

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