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About Witch Pleas Publishing

Witch Pleas is more than a vision. It’s a mission. Inspired by the struggles she saw authors and artists to be heard in this age of noise, Gina Funk created a company to give them voice. Using the decades of marketing experience between her and her husband, Matt, Gina strives to seek out new talent, help them turn their work into a professional product, and introduce them to their future fans. The Funks’ company, Witch Pleas Publishing, takes the pleas of the outcast and the isolated, and turns them into captivating stories for ideal audiences.

Witch Pleas Publishing currently specializes in tabletop gaming modules and fiction related to folklore and classic literature. The Legends of Lohre series uses tabletop roleplaying as a structured learning method, weaving literary references and folk mythology into adventures so that gamers can discover them through direct experience. 

Publishing Lost Legends and Unheard Voices

Witch Pleas believes we live in fragile times, when marginalized people and historical lore are at risk. The publication of lost legends and unheard voices is urgently relevant. As classical education is increasingly uncommon and opposing viewpoints are shouted down by one crowd or another, they need effective marketing. Designing appealing products, enticing the right audience, and inspiring them to develop content of their own is the key. 

Learning is most powerful when the learner makes the lesson their own. Witch Pleas Publishing gaming materials make this happen by putting players into stories spun from ancient myths, tribal folklore, classic philosophy, and the great books of the world. Those players are the heroes of those stories, which will live on in their imagination and hopefully inspire their own creations. 

Gaming is just the beginning. Witch Pleas Publishing also prints zines of essays about folklore and fantasy fiction inspired by it, seeks alternative voices from diverse subcultures, and believes in assisting independent artists and authors. Together, we’ll make sure forgotten works flourish and invisible talents light up the imagination of millions.

The Team with the Dream

Matt and Gina Funk are the core Witch Pleas Publishing team, providing a unique combination of omnichannel marketing strategy, creative experience, and classical scholarship. Both have literally hundreds of thousands of hours dedicated to writing online, gaming, and marketing. Matt brings scholarship of the ancient and medieval eras, world culture, and spirituality and magic. They’re dedicated to helping other authors, artists and academic find their best audience with top-quality work.

Contact Us

Witch Pleas Publishing prides itself on being open to fans, critics, and fellow creatives. Our social media’s vitality is a key component to our mission. Reach out to us.

Submissions for the Witch Pleas Zine, including art, fantasy fiction, and essays on folklore, should be sent directly to witchpleaspublishing @ gmail.com. Our submission guidelines and status are on our submissions page.