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Witch Pleas Submission Guidelines

Need to be heard but finding it a challenge? Send us your pleas! 

Witch Pleas especially welcomes independent games, essayists specializing in folklore or world legends, and fantasy fiction authors and artists. 

Independent games ideal for Witch Pleas to publish are tabletop roleplaying games, video games, board games, and card games. Need help bringing to your game market or developing it? Contact us. We have years of experience locating audiences ideal for your work and crafting messaging to turn them into superfans.

Essays perfect for Witch Pleas are between 3K and 15K words in length, focused on folklore or world legends, and scholarly. That scholarship should include footnotes and references. Want to educate others and put your scholarship into print? Contact us.

Fantasy fiction authors and artists have a home at Witch Pleas, both in our Zine and published under our imprint. The Zine welcomes fantasy genre fiction between 2K and 10K words in length, with a strong preference to work inspired by folklore or classic literature. We also seek fantasy genre art, up to a full page, though no AI art is allowed. 

Fantasy genre artists and authors are also invited to submit full-length work or portfolios of art for publication under the Witch Pleas label. We offer layout, marketing, networking, and distribution. We’re looking for alternative voices.

Submit to us now! And if you have any questions, reach out and contact us at witchpleaspublishing @ gmail.com or on social media.